Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh Boy! Sneak Peak

Here is my first Sneak Peak Saturday Post...just a little taste of the "Oh Boy" baby shower that I'm working on. The pics are of the Diaper Bonanza that I have put together for this shower. What is a Diaper Bonanza? Well I'm glad you is a wonderful element to add to any baby shower, no matter what the theme.

Enclosed with the shower invite guests will find a little card explaining the Diaper Bonanza to them. This card will say something like this, "There will be a raffle at the event for a gift basket filled with wonderful things that anyone would love to take home. The price for entry is one package of diapers or wipes(any size). Please join in the fun and help ______________ (insert guest of honor's name) stock up on the necessities!" This of course is in addition to the gift that each guests decides to bring, but both mom and the winner will go home with something great.

Create a small table just for the Diaper Bonanza. As guests arrive with either Diapers or wipes give them a ticket, like the kind in a large roll that they sell at Walmart, and have them write their name on the back (this is much easier than calling out numbers). Have the guest place their ticket in the ticket jar. Towards the end of the shower announce the winner of the raffle.

The gift basket that I'm creating for this shower is a Spa Day basket filled with all kinds of goodies from Bath and Body Works such as lotions and scrubs, a small Yankee Candle, and scrubbie gloves. More pics of this to follow. You can create the basket it any way you'd like and you can even tie it into your theme! I've done these Diaper Bonanzas for most of the baby showers I've done and the mom-to-be couldn't be more grateful for all of the diapers and wipes she receives.


  1. What a great idea the Diaper Bonanza! :) I love the colors you've got going on for the labels! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. love that glass ticket jar. great color and design!