Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Halloween Decor

I'm so proud! I love everything I've put up this year and most of it came from the Dollar Tree and Target. Two of my favorite spots. Now that I've been off work (waiting on this little baby to arrive) I've had some spare time to get my Halloween decorations set-up. I know it's a little early, but with the baby arriving any day I just wanted to have everything in order. Hmmm...I think they call that nesting.

This is my entryway table and mirror. I went with a black and ivory theme for this table.
The silver and ivory pumpkins are from Target. The "Bat Motel" sign --$1 at the Dollar Tree along with the black crow that I attached to the silver pumpkin! The two glass candleholders were also $1 each at the Dollar Tree. And the Trick or Treat sign was $5 at TJ Maxx.

Moving on to my living room sideboard. I went with the more traditional black and orange here...

I got these frames from the Dollar Tree and spray painted them with a glossy black. I then purchased some halloween themed scrapbook paper at Michael's (nothing to cheesy though). I picked out some fun fonts on, one is called Chiller and the other is called Circus Ornate, and printed the words "Boo", "All Hallow's Eve", "Spooky", and "31" on the scrapbook paper. Such a thrifty little project and I really like the way they turned out.

Oh, and I got the apothecary jar in the background at TJ Maxx for $8 and filled it with bags of candy corn from the Dollar Tree.

I also got this gorgeous glittered pumpkin at Target. I think it was $6.99. I did see a tutorial on how to make these on Martha, but I don't think $6.99 is a bad deal without having to put any work into it. I put my lovely glittered pumpkin on a candlestick that I picked up at, where else? The Dollar Tree!

And here's the full frontal...


  1. This is GREAT!!! I LOVE the arrangement on the entryway table. Will you tell us about the Trick or Treat banner on the mirror. LOVES IT!!

  2. Everything looks so cute! I love the silver pumpkins and the jar full of candy!

  3. It's so nice Halloween decoration!! Silver pumpkins are my favorite!! Meijer offers many options for Halloween decor!!

  4. Wow! Great decorations! I love this time of year!

    Welcome to SITS!

  5. Somehow we might be long lost twins. Dollar Tree & Target? Love. Black and white together? Love. Jars filled with things like candy corn? Love! Circus fonts from Maniacally love.

    Welcome to the SITS community, it's great to have you join us!

  6. What a great set up-- and at such great prices!!

    Best wishes as you await the arrival of your little one...

    Stopping by from SITS to say "hi" and welcome. I know that you will enjoy being a part of this vibrant community of bloggers :-)

  7. Cute! I need to dig out all my Halloween garb, too!

    I came by to welcome you to SITS!!

  8. CUTENESS!!! i am inspired...time to get out my decor for some glitterific spooktacularness!

    I am here to welcome you to SITS! you are going to love this bloggy community filled with truly amazing and supportive women. Feel free to come by my blog and say hello. AND if you like follow me...I host a monthly drawing for fun prizes EXCLUSIVELY from my list of need to comment on every post, just follow. Cool Right?!

  9. Holy cow - soo cute! Reminds me I need to get my poor excuse for decorations out! Can't believe it's already October. Stopping by from the SITS welcome wagon to say hi!

  10. I am stopping in to welcome you to SITS...Welcome! :D

    I love all your deco ideas...the trick or treat sign on the mirror rocks!

  11. Wonderful decor and even Better since you got it from the Dollar stores! Visiting from SITS.

  12. Okay, this is just down-right awesome! I have been terrible at decorating for Halloween this year, and you've just given me inspiration to get in gear and do it! :)
    I love your blog, and I know I will be back! Welcome to SITS!!!


  13. What great ideas!!! I'm off to the Dollar Store.

    Welcome to SITS! It's great to have another SITSer.... come on over --> I'm hosting a little giveaway. :D